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Brian-emailHi, my name is Brian and I am the founder of Ministry Library but I’m also a pastor at a growing church in Boston.


I know that leadership development isn’t easy. Seminary taught us to be theologians but taught nothing about how to develop leaders.


Last summer we invested almost $10k in sending our leaders to a conference. While the content was good, $10k for just 2 days of leadership development is a little pricey!


I want to help you grow a healthy church and staff. creates weekly leadership development resources for pastors and their staff.


To highlight some of the content that has helped hundreds of other pastors,

we’ve put together A FREE 3 PART COURSE to help you learn how to develop leaders. But…


Knowledge without application is meaningless ~ Thomas Edison


So we’ll also provide with with the resources to help you and your team apply what you’ll learn to your church and ministry right way!

Developing Leaders
Inside the course you'll learn:
➔ The characteristics of great leaders
➔ How to amplify your leadership
➔ The best habits that will multiply your leaders
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