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Leadership Development. So important, so time consuming.

So you’ve scoured the internet for something to help you… conferences, books, online courses, anything that will save you time and help you grow yourself, your team and your church.


The question is: why are most of the coaching resources available to
pastors either so ridiculously expensive and, even worse, full of theories and not many practical how-to’s?


Maybe you’ve bought a ton of books with the intention of reading them but never did and now your shelf is full of unread good intentions.


Or maybe you’ve shelled out the money to go to an out-of-town conference because you see the value in leadership development but the price was just too high for you to justify taking your whole team.


You keep hearing that everything rises and falls on leadership and that all leaders are learners. But honestly you just don’t have enough time. Ministry is tough, you’re crazy busy, the to-do list isn’t getting smaller and you want to invest in your leaders but don’t know how.


If that’s the case, you’re going to love Ministry Library.

Here’s What Other Pastors Are Saying

“We did our first workshop yesterday and everyone loved it. (Andy Stanley’s Next Generation Leader) It was a great time for conversation and debate.”

Brad Westover

Lead Pastor

Flood City Church

“If you want a tool to help develop your staff, get a hold of this! Transformation takes knowledge, experience and coaching. This tool gives you all three.

Mac Lake

Director of Church Planter Development, NAMB

“My leaders are very busy and these workshops allow me to offer leadership development in an engaging and time efficient way.”

David Mullens 

Lead Pastor

St. Paul UMC

Leadership Development IS your church’s biggest barrier to healthy growth.

Ministry Library is a ready-to-use leadership development system

that allows you to learn faster, apply more and lead better.

We resource you with leadership workshops specifically created to help you and your staff take your church to the next level, by providing you with practical coaching, actionable takeawaysdone-for-you resources, discussion questions and group exercises.


Why David Robertson Joined Ministry Library

Winning back time to lead my leaders better is incredibly valuable to me.

I know that all leaders should be reading widely and wisely. For me, the spirit is willing but the schedule is weak!

These workshops offer pastors with limited margin a simple way to capture big ideas, major points, and training content in minutes instead of hours or days.


Ministry Library gave me the solution to the eternal challenge to grow myself, develop my inner circle, and equip my key leaders to lead their teams more effectively!

Start Making Progress Every Week With Our Workshops.

Each month our workshops will cover these four topics.

Self Leadership

Our workshops will coach you though proven strategies for delegation, time management, personal growth and much more.

Team Leadership

Healthy teams equal a healthy church. Our leadership development system will allow you to lead, coach, mentor and develop your teams.

Church Growth

God wants His church to grow more than you do. If a church is not growing it means there is a man-made barrier in the way. Our workshops will help you identify and remove those barriers.

Church Systems

Preaching, strategic planning, giving, assimilation, small groups, etc… Our workshops will help you develop and deploy rock solid systems.

Save Time. Learn Faster. Lead Better.

Here’s some of what our members are working one.

Develop Leaders From The Ground Up.

How To Delegate Effectively

Ways To Manage Your Time Better

A Process To Move Consumers To Contributors

Skills A Pastor Of 1,000 Should Have

Creating A Culture Of Generosity

Prioritizing And Eliminating Time Wasters

Mistakes To Avoid When Adding A New Service

How To Build A Leadership Pipeline

Planning Your Preaching Calendar

Join Hundreds of Growing Pastors

Start growing yourself & your team today.

Why Our Church Spent Almost $20,000 on

Leadership Development

Brian-emailHi! My name is Brian. I’m the founder of Ministry Library but more
importantly, I’m a pastor at a growing church I helped plant a little
over 10 years ago.


It took our church 4 years to break the 100 person barrier. Now we’re at 1,300 in weekly attendance and we’ve planted 3 other churches out of ours.


Now it’s not all about numerical growth BUT God wants his church to grow numerically more than you do!


One of the things we discovered early on in our growth was that the ability to develop more leaders would be one of our biggest barriers.


We spent a massive amount of money on two completely different kinds of leadership development experiences for our whole team.


The first experience was a group workshop at Chick-fil-a HQ, and it was as cool as it sounds! It focused on how to build a leadership pipeline that was systematic and scalable.


The second was a popular three-day conference that had different tracks for all major ministry areas.


Here’s What $20,000 Taught Me


1. It was really expensive and time consuming.

This type of leadership training for our whole team was not something that would be a long term solution. It took way too much money and way too much time.


2. We didn’t have a leadership problem. We had a development problem.

There are tons of leaders sitting in all our churches but only 2% of churches have a system for developing leaders. The more we focus on developing others, the more we’ll grow in a healthy and sustainable way.


3. Leadership Development is the biggest barrier to growing a healthy church.

God did not call US TO DO ministry. He called us to equip OTHERS TO DO the work of the ministry. The more ministry we do as pastors the less opportunity we create for growth.


4. Modern ministry is backwards.

If you look at Jesus’ ministry, he spent 75% of his time developing leaders and 25% on large gatherings. The modern church spends 75% of their time on large gatherings and maybe 25% on leadership development. We were doing ministry backwards!


5. Knowledge without context and application is useless.

The conference was like drinking from a fire hydrant. The workshop, on the other hand, gave us less content but allowed us to evaluate, process and apply what we were learning and in the end, had a much bigger impact on our church.


That’s why I created The Ministry Library System

To provide pastors with a system for developing their top leaders that would save them both time and money.

Join Hundreds of Growing Pastors

Start growing yourself & your team today.



Watch a 10-12 minute coaching video.



Print our “no-prep” guide to facilitate a group discussion.



Grow yourself and your team.

Grow your church.



New resources added

every single week.

“After viewing many of your videos, I’ve realized I’ve already got my money’s worth from my annual membership! THANK YOU!!!   Your videos are easy to follow, very informational. I look forward to watching more!”

Mike  –  Lead Pastor


“I must say, this is an incredible idea. The creative way that you display the information really keeps my attention.   I am already planning on showing at least one of these videos in our staff meeting each week so my entire team can learn some bite-size, practical information.”

Jarred  –  Excecutive Pastor

Excellent!  You have surely done your homework. I don’t know anything quite like this on the web. I really love it. Clean, organized, and easy to follow.

Jason  –  Executive Pastor




We’re so confident that our leadership development system will help you and your church leadership teams grow that if you find this isn’t working for you,  show us you’ve tried (completed action steps and workshops) and we’ll issue you a FULL refund.

Get instant access to over 100 leadership workshops

And we’re adding more every month!

Each workshop contains:


10-12 Minute Coaching Video

focusing on practical how-to’s


Printable Notes

created to help you take action right away


Team Discussion Guide

helping you lead your team through collaborative learning and application

Try it for a week for only $1
  • Monthly Leadership Development

  • $49/mo
    • Pratical Coaching
    • Resources To Help You Grow
    • Discussion Guide To Grow Your Team
    • New Content added every week


And start making meaningful progress today!!

One of the first and biggest barriers to church growth is when the lead pastor becomes a bottleneck to ministry by delegating ineffectively!
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