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If you’re trying to accomplish something that’s meant for a team to do rather than an individual, chances are you’re not going to be successful. A good example of this is the Olympic U.S. Men’s Basketball team. They started off great, crushing their opponents by huge margins! However, when they got to the game against the Australian team, it took a lot of work for them to win – and that was only by 10 points! The Australians played great team ball and in doing so, almost beat the powerhouse of the basketball world! When one guy tries to accomplish the goal of winning the gold medal by himself, he’s going to be disappointed when he’s not on the podium and the teams who played cohesive basketball are. We’ve put together some great blog posts that can serve as reminders of how teams should look, and some of the things that shouldn’t be present on your team.


6 Tips for Developing a Stronger Team

by Deborah Ike


5 Ways to Hear from People Different Than You

by Ron Edmondson


The “Big 4” in Hiring Staff

by Dan Reiland


Why Teams Fail

by Scott Ball


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I must say, this is an incredible idea. The creative way that you display the information really keeps my attention.   I am already planning on showing at least one of these videos in our staff meeting each week so my entire team can learn some bite-size, practical information."   


Jarred -  Excecutive Pastor  


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