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Leadership is hard. No one ever made the promise that the road would be easy. With that being said, things within your organization or team won’t always go as planned either. Problems will arise, the vision might get lost somewhere along the way – anything can happen. We’ve brought together some great blog posts about what to do when your vision may get lost, when your team has hit a plateau, some shortcuts you may be tempted to take, and what your workaholism may be costing you. We hope you aren’t struggling with any of these things, but if you are, hopefully something in here can be an encouragement for you.


What to Do When Vision Leaks

by Scott Ball


7 Suggestions When the Team is Stalled and Struggling for a Win

by Ron Edmondson


Leadership Getting Hard? Resist These 3 Shortcuts.

by Scott Cochrane


8 Things My Workaholism is Costing Me

by Chuck Lawless




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I must say, this is an incredible idea. The creative way that you display the information really keeps my attention.   I am already planning on showing at least one of these videos in our staff meeting each week so my entire team can learn some bite-size, practical information."   


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