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If you are a pastor or in pastoral leadership, chances are you’re not very administrative-minded. Well, there’s good news for you! God has blessed other people with these gifts who actually enjoy this type of work so you’re not burdened with these responsibilities. We’ve brought together some resources on the administrative side of leadership – some things to help you understand their ways of thinking and why they do some of the things they do. We’ve also included an infograph on how you can become a bit more organized yourself.


3 Ways Church Administration Supports Relationships

by Deborah Ike


Interpreters Needed: How to Communicate Administration Principles to Non-Administrative Individuals

by Deborah Ike


Busting Church Administrator Myths

by Deborah Ike


How to Be the Most Organized Person in the World (Infographic)

by Paul Sohn




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The Art Of Delegation – 10 Tips For Delegating Effectively



"You have surely done your homework. I don’t know anything quite like this.  I really love it.  Clean, organized, and easy to follow."  


Jason  -  Excecutive Pastor


I must say, this is an incredible idea. The creative way that you display the information really keeps my attention.   I am already planning on showing at least one of these videos in our staff meeting each week so my entire team can learn some bite-size, practical information."   


Jarred -  Excecutive Pastor  


And become a more confident leader today!

One of the first and biggest barriers to church growth is when the lead pastor becomes a bottleneck to ministry by delegating ineffectively!
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