10 Things To Help You Avoid Burnout


In this workshop, Tim Parsons addresses a topic that we probably don’t talk about enough as pastors and church leaders, but it’s important. It’s something that many of us, if not all, will face at some point in our life and that is burnout.


You hear time and time again of pastors, church leaders, business leaders, people that face burnout. Burnout oftentimes happens without us recognizing it. It happens almost secretly, and then it pops up on us and we’re weeks and months into it. Then we’ve got to really work to get out of it. In order to combat burnout, you must be proactive. You need  to take steps proactively to fight it or else it will creep in. So in this video, Tim shares 10 things you can begin doing right now that will you guard against burnout in your own life and ministry. 


And so I have developed a list of 10 things, 10 things that I found in my own life, that help me to stave off burnout. 10 things that I hope you’ll find useful. I hope that you’ll find ways to put these 10 things into practice, but I hope that you’ll find them helpful to you in your ministry and in your life and in your home.

Team Application Guide


Wow! I hope you found some comfort and encouragement through this workshop. Tim Parsons speaks to something that most pastors and church leaders experience. Burnout is a very real thing causing many leaders to either leave ministry, or function with their heart only half engaged. Tim gave some incredible and simple recommendations to help us all avoid burnout long before we ever get to that point so in this Team Discussion Guide, we are going to give you leading questions and dive a little bit deeper into each of these 10 things and help you discover what patterns in your life and ministry you can change to help you stay proactive against burnout.


To begin, we recommend watching this video (and maybe even sharing it with your ministry staff). Take notes on what Tim says that stands out so you don’t forget it. Once the video is done, download this Team Application Guide and begin working through the Team Discussion Questions we give you below. Hopefully this will help conversation get started about burnout and allow your team to be raw and honest about when and where you’ve struggled. Then move onto the What’s Next section as we walk you through each of Tim’s 10 things and help you make actions steps this week!

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"You have surely done your homework. I don’t know anything quite like this.  I really love it.  Clean, organized, and easy to follow."  


Jason  -  Excecutive Pastor


I must say, this is an incredible idea. The creative way that you display the information really keeps my attention.   I am already planning on showing at least one of these videos in our staff meeting each week so my entire team can learn some bite-size, practical information."   


Jarred -  Excecutive Pastor  


And become a more confident leader today!