5 Keys To Leading Through Chaos

Have you ever found yourself frustrated with all the decisions that you have to make as a leader? I think we all agree that there’s kind of little about life or even leadership that’s easy to navigate. We face tough decisions every single day and as a leader, you’re not only facing your own decisions, but you’re navigating the decision making for an entire team or even in an organization. Our leadership is plagued by all of these decisions and all of this complexity.


Today, I want to talk about five keys to leading through chaos because, for as much as we wish we didn’t lead in chaos, I’ve discovered that chaos is kind of where we live as leaders. In fact, I really believe that our leadership won’t flourish until we embrace this truth, that leaders live in a constant state of tensions.

Team Application Guide


In this Application Guide, we are going to focus on helping you process the chaos you are experiencing in your ministry as well as figure out practical ways that you can work to implement the 5 keys learned in this video.


To get started, print of the notes for this video and go through Jenni Catron’s video. Take notes on what stands out to your in the video so you can remember to come back to it later. After the video, print off this Application Guide and begin collaboration by asking the Team Discussion Questions listed below. Then move onto the What’s Next Section and provide answers, actions steps, and due dates to help you start implementing this new information into your context.

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"You have surely done your homework. I don’t know anything quite like this.  I really love it.  Clean, organized, and easy to follow."  


Jason  -  Excecutive Pastor


I must say, this is an incredible idea. The creative way that you display the information really keeps my attention.   I am already planning on showing at least one of these videos in our staff meeting each week so my entire team can learn some bite-size, practical information."   


Jarred -  Excecutive Pastor  


And become a more confident leader today!